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Reasons why you should watch the Fast & Furious movies!

It’s NOT just “fast cars” and “scantily-clad girls”

If you want more in-depth view of diversity and strong female character presence in this franchise, check out my two posts below:

And make sure to go watch the movies! GO!

And watch all the behind the scenes, watch how they make the movies, listen to the director/writer commentaries!

BONUS! Even the directors are diverse in race

  • Rob Cohen - white - Fast 1
  • John Singleton - african american - Fast 2
  • Justin Lin - asian - Fast 3,4,5,6
  • James Wan - asian - Fast 7

This franchise is proof that action films can just as easily give great representation and focus on character relationships!

Take this quote from Justin Lin, director of Fast 3,4,5,6

"We can go around the world and do these crazy stunts and scope and everything but ultimately it’s to service the journey home"

Or the quote from Chris Morgan, writer of Fast 3,4,5,6,7

"The overriding theme of this franchise has always been about family - when it really comes down to is the people around you, and it is the place that you call home" 

And even despite the tragic passing of founding member Paul Walker, the cast and crew behind the franchise is determined to continue the films not only in his honor because of his passion for the franchise but also because they know how important representation and diversity is for future generations - as actor Tyrese Gibson puts it:

There’s no way [Paul] would want the franchise to shut down because the movie is successful for a reason. If you all could just show up and look at somebody in the movie that you identify with then the global impact of the movie must continue on behalf of the franchise”

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The organisers of the VW Festival show asked me recreate their cars in the logo, the VW Mk1 Golf and the VW Beetle.

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Stance Inspiration - Get inspired by the lowered lifestyle.
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There must be someone new in the ordering department at my local hobby store.

Color me impressed.

where is your hobby shop because the last shop that had shit like this closed down years ago

Holy shit I want all of these.

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